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The Bureau of Rings

LOVEFEAST 「ラブ・フィースト」

Bureau of Rings


Herein lies classified information about the development of the mature online action/drama graphic novel, Lovefeast.


This is a development journal/community for Lovefeast, the mature action/drama webcomic. Thanks for coming!

November 5th, 2010

Daylis: Recently we've been sorting an influx of image data of various teachers and Shinigami in the Field. This one is Femagami, lead Ero Teacher, and one of the finest. Our files say she was a dominatrix even before she came to the ITAD.

Daylis: And this is... wait. Semar? Who is this?

Semar: Uh... Not sure, actually.

Daylis: Surely we don't have so many teachers that we forgot one! Surely!

Semar: Uhhhhh...

Semar: Le's move on! This is a rendering of Wren, ex-student, an' nothin' but trouble. You best see this an' forget about him.

September 8th, 2008

Page 7

Jaguar - Oh?
Semar: Today's update includes Testament 0, Page 7!
Daylis: Which features...us! It's a real shame, though; we won't get any real pagetime until the second volume, as things are now.
Semar: I'm glad we got any appearances, re'lly. It wasn't orig'nally planned like this.
Daylis: But... we are important, right?
Semar: Some days I wonder.

July 12th, 2008

Semar Daylis

Daylis: It's the first renderings of our likenesses by the Master herself!
Semar: Frankly, I think she could've been somewhat more accurate.
Daylis: Yes, you're a little bit more quadrupedal...
Semar: Wait, wha' did you call me?
Semar: System check...97%...100%.
Daylis: Let's do this!
Semar: Hello! My name is Shikigami Semar, s'cond rank, Minister of Shinigami Affairs. Arctic Fox.
Daylis: I am called Shikigami Daylis! Second rank, Minister of Shinigami Relations and head of international transport!
Semar: Right. But b'fore we get into all that, I'm sure you'd like to know where you are, wouldn't you? We are the s'cond heads of the Bureau of Rings, the Shikigami-run organization associated with the Institution for Training in the Arts of Death.
Daylis: In meeting here with us today, you've shown interest in the development and ways of the Shinigami, or Gods of Death.
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